Oct 8th 2007 
10/8/07 (Monday)

Hello. I’m typing this up in word to copy and paste later. I don’t feel like typing directly to the blog right now. It’s hard to do this every day. Esp. since I seem to lately only want to talk about bad things. And well… Sat… well you’ll see.

I want to first though mention that the last few days have been great weather wise. Even the cold front Sunday wasn’t that bad. Friday and Saturday were beautiful, and so was today. I walked both Sat and today, though Sat the front was coming in so it was pretty windy and I had to put in ear plugs.

I fed my baby/young snakes vitamin laden worms Sunday morning and I was glad to see most of them ate. Esp the two littlest and the snake with the broken back.

This poor guy I got last year.. and he looked fine. However he totally flipped out around this time last year – a few months after I got him. I think then is when he may have broke his back. It was partially my fault as I wasn’t holding him tightly… I like to let them roam a bit and give them a little freedom without totally letting go. I was cleaning the cage with one hand and holding him with the other – and he just started snapping his body back and forth. It was only a few seconds… but count out 10 seconds using a clock – sometimes that can be a long time.

I was more careful and didn’t really handle much at all. But in January I had to do a through cleaning instead of just changing the paper towel around him… and I decided to totally switch cages. I prepared the new cage and carefully put him in it. Somehow though he landed partially upside down – and didn’t right himself.

This alarmed me. And after several months observation I realized something was wrong with one of his eyes and also he seemed to have trouble at a certain point on his back just above the half way point. His muscle control was less. I wasn’t sure if he had had a stroke – or broke his back. I took him to the vet and she confirmed both a blind eye and a broken back. It could either have been a real break or a “separation” of the vertebra. Only an X-ray could tell - and there is/was no point. He is not very large. Less then 10 grams.

He still eats but has trouble shedding. Recently, he didn’t eat several weeks in a row… and he looks horrible… no muscle tone. I discovered he had started the shedding process and didn’t finish – so that is why I think he didn’t feel like eating. As soon as I got the shed off he started eating again and now has more energy.

Still I feel his days may be numbered, I just take it a day/week at a time. If he is eating and acting interested (he comes out to “bask”) in his surroundings, then I feel he is fine.

With reptiles anyway when they don’t feel good … they die. One day they may be just fine and the next … dead. There normally isn’t any “putting to sleep”. He is also a garter snake (just realized I didn’t mention that.) A Florida blue to be exact. (well I could put the Latin name here but I don’t feel like looking it up)

It occurs to me that larger snakes could be “put to sleep” if they have a incurable disease or something.

Well this is fairly long. So I will put off the other stuff. Just let me touch on it.

I was majorly disappointed in Church this Sat. oh heck I was P.O.ed. The Priest went ahead and proved my defense wrong. But I’ll talk about that later.

In contrast… I had a great night at bible study. We are doing Romans, and the speaker talked about religion vs relationship with Christ. I WISH I HAD RECORDED IT. Sigh.

Well we had off today. (Columbus day – and don’t get me started about the stupidity of people on both sides of the “issue” of weather or not it should be celebrated – another disappointment in people I idolized as a child. – guess everyone is human and well all humans are fallen sinners – and yes that includes me.)

So it’s back to work tomorrow. Ick. :p



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Wed Oct 3rd 
Well I discovered last night that my blog entries do not show up right away for some reason when I come here not logged in. I'm not sure why. I'll monitor and contact aplus if I have to.

Work today: solved one problem - found another. frustration continues with CFCMS.

Got to work at 8:25. I want to get to work at 8:00. now it's getting darker - will be harder to get up in the winter.

Today is dinner with the folks day - go every wed. :)

Had to vac my car out. yeah ok boring entry. :p

I did hear a nice teaching on Revelation on the way home though. It's on at 7:00 MT krks if your in Colorado. (94.7) I can't remember the name of the show though so I'm not sure where it would be elsewhere.

He was talking mostly about the statue in the dream Nebby saw. (no I'm not going to try to write out the full name... ) I didn't know the 10 clay toes could represent the 10 kingdoms in revelation b4.

He also explained how the prophets of the time wrote the first and second coming of Jesus as one event. Maybe I'll try to find more info and post it here later.... lots of the shows have ways to listen online.

As usual I forgot about this until the last second.


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Specality store rant 
Maybe I should just start going Dear Diary. This is kinda what this is though I'd edit myself on somethings...

Today I spent most of the day at work on one thing.

I did not get to work early but I wasn't running in ether.
I DID go to the gym - and I talked to the guy there about their nutritan program.

I don't understand businesses. First the salon that did my facial now here. They all have products that are ONLY sold in salons or gyms ... facial wash in the case of the salon (30 bucks for a travel kit lasting 4 weeks that I bought to try about 2 weeks ago... I'm not using it twice a day though I'm going to make this last all of october if I can)

And for the gym? Supplements. And of course they are much better then anything bought in stores :hrm hmmm... I apparently don't have a roll eyes smiley Here is one from smiley xtra 4 that I got from firefox - wonder if it will work. :
--- hmmm.... ok I went back and edited. Clicking on the smiley produces [img] tags that don't work. Using the blog program I figured it out . Not sure if it's worth it. may just need to save and add the smilie.

Anyway - it irritates me and I could rant (:rant ) for quite awhile on this but don't want to.

I'll just say it would be a LOT more convincing if these products were sold in stores. OR if the person trying to sell them to me could give me something decent that IS sold in stores instead of pretty much saying everything sold in costco, king soopers, walmart etc is worthless.

Bah if the product is so great the company should get it out there.

It just makes me want to put on a tin hat. (which I need a smiley for...)

I'll look at the supplement site anyway... maybe check them out on the BBB and quackwatch now that I've found that page. HEY maybe I'll write the people there and ask about this stuff. Why is it that the best products for your skin, hair and body (external or internal) can only be sold for 4 or 5 x normal anything else that is similar and only through specialty stores/areas?

I set this up as a read only blog but there are links to my email on my home page which SHOULD be linked on here somewhere, if someone wants to tell me the answer to this question. Seriously. and without pushing a product.

Oh and you realize I'm being a bit sarcastic. I mean I want to know but... What I'm really saying is...

SELL IT AT A NORMAL STORE!!!!!!!! I'm more likely to buy it there.


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Starting over 
Well here I am. I promised myself today I'd start over and try to write more oftin. And yet I almost forgot!

Today was the first day of fiscal year end 2007. We are still struggling with the CFCMS conversion at work. I am totally swamped - yet there is no budget for overtime.

Yesterday my little A. Bicoloratum molted. It had stopped eating three weeks ago so I was a tad worried. If it was larger then .25" I'd have had no problems. It was obviously in premolt. BTW this is a tarantula for those who don't know what I'm talking about. :spider I have 17 currently - including a new one I bought this weekend... the last one for awhile unless they happen to get another pulchra in.

So I'm getting ready for bed and I'm thinking about some stuff and realized it would be perfect for my blog. Which is when I realized I didn't put anything in here yet today and I wanted to start again!

What I was thinking... I was thinking of my garden - how some stuff bloomed really well this year and other things did not. I thought about how this is just like life. When somethings aren't going well, other things are. But sometimes we dwell so much on the things that aren't "blooming" or even on the things that may be dieing, that we miss other parts that are doing great.

Even in the worst times God will provide something, you just have to look.

And speaking of thinking about stuff... we are currently studying Romans this year in bible study. At some point I want to go back over and type up the lessons here.

I don't know if anyone will read this or if this will act like a diary for myself... but it works eather way as I tend to lose track of the years stuff happens.

At this point it is after 10. so I want to play some games on neopets and go to bed.

Hopefully I'll write in here tomorrow.

- S. :kitty

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June 3rd. 
Ok... I'm going to try to do this without a subject line... wanna bet it yells at me?

I planted more stuff in my garden today. I uploaded pics but am not sure about putting them on here... they are currently in a thread on the rapture ready bbs ... here: http://rr-bb.com/showthread.php?t=257937&page=8

I'm at the very bottom of the page and also have a post on page 9.

I don't think anybody is reading this right now anyway. But maybe someone will in the future. That thread will be locked by then.. hopefully still around.

- Sharon

PS yep it made me do a subject line.

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