My First Entry!  
Hello. Well... this is going to be more of a ramble I think. I am redoing my webpage ... and I had put a blog on here but it apperently wasn't working... so I deleted it and added one hosted -- or at least offered by my webhousting service...

Anyway... I have NEVER done this before so... I'm not sure how this is going to work. I ThINK I turned off the visitors answering me... because I didn't want the possiblity of a bunch of garbage to delete without knowing how to block one or two people from posting.

Anyway... I have disabled (I think) the rest or most of the rest of my website because I know areas can still be googled even if I don't have a link.

I will be putting stuff back up ... most likely slowly ... but my goal is the rest of this summer! lol. In the meantime I'll try to put my thoughts down in this blog.

Right now I have re-started the final fantasy XII game I have... because I saw the movie that was put out. I never finished the game and wanted to do so.

I'm currently messing around breeding chocobos and doing some experimenting in the battle square. (For thouse who have any clue what the game is. hehe.)

Some quick things about me... I'm a 34 year old single Christian woman.... My "kids" are three kitties, 5 snakes (4 garter and 1 ribbon) 1 bearded dragon and 3 tarantula slings (babies) ... two rose hairs and a mexican fire leg. Don't feel like finding the spelling for the latin names right now.

Well today was my monday and I'm tired. So I'm going to go back to playing my vid game. hehe.

If you want to email me my link is on my webpage (if somehow you get to this blog first) see the "my webpage" link under links up top.

-- Sharon

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