well... Last night I went and saved a bunch of free smilies on my computer. Most I got off after I asked if I could use them on my webpage/blog. They said I could as long as I didn't hot link. Someone else pmed me a site with some others. Anyway... here is the test. Though apperently I can click on them... I still want to test that they will show up....:bolt :duh :drama :eek :fear :flame :wall :glare :tapglare :hrm :hug :kitty :madgrin :nono :hide :pout :??? :rant :yrant :redrant :shrug :sick :sob :sorry :spider :tape :twitch :umno :wait


well the preview worked well.

My feelings as of late: :wall :drama :sob :tapglare :sorry :pout :wait

and I can't find a good smilie for sigh....

- sharon

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