Starting over 
Well here I am. I promised myself today I'd start over and try to write more oftin. And yet I almost forgot!

Today was the first day of fiscal year end 2007. We are still struggling with the CFCMS conversion at work. I am totally swamped - yet there is no budget for overtime.

Yesterday my little A. Bicoloratum molted. It had stopped eating three weeks ago so I was a tad worried. If it was larger then .25" I'd have had no problems. It was obviously in premolt. BTW this is a tarantula for those who don't know what I'm talking about. :spider I have 17 currently - including a new one I bought this weekend... the last one for awhile unless they happen to get another pulchra in.

So I'm getting ready for bed and I'm thinking about some stuff and realized it would be perfect for my blog. Which is when I realized I didn't put anything in here yet today and I wanted to start again!

What I was thinking... I was thinking of my garden - how some stuff bloomed really well this year and other things did not. I thought about how this is just like life. When somethings aren't going well, other things are. But sometimes we dwell so much on the things that aren't "blooming" or even on the things that may be dieing, that we miss other parts that are doing great.

Even in the worst times God will provide something, you just have to look.

And speaking of thinking about stuff... we are currently studying Romans this year in bible study. At some point I want to go back over and type up the lessons here.

I don't know if anyone will read this or if this will act like a diary for myself... but it works eather way as I tend to lose track of the years stuff happens.

At this point it is after 10. so I want to play some games on neopets and go to bed.

Hopefully I'll write in here tomorrow.

- S. :kitty

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