Current Stats.

Age 36. - still single. :pout

Still with office of surface mining. Though the OMS contract has expired and we will need to be picked up by a new contract which makes me nervous. Phase I of "CFCMS" is about complete. program is still very buggy - issues etc... I cringe at the thought of Phase II... and that is all I will say about that.

Gas price: 3.79 :fear

Condo status: still in same condo. P. point. wanted to sell but have to wait. housing market is REALLY REALLT bad.

though my bro and SIL just closed on a foreclosed hud home... needs work though.


Cats: :kitty still 3. Missy, Orange, Charlotte.

Bearded Dragon: Still have Mordox. Recently made him a neopet - Mordoxx Was born Nov 2001. acquired Jan/feb 2002.

Snakes: Lost four since Jan :(: - the broken back baby - expected - Mel the Melistic (black) snake - NOT expected though he was sooo laid back I think he had some sort of problem. Yellow, my ribbon snake (very old... was adult so 1-3 years when I got her in 1999 - so guessing 10+ years) - expected and
Lady Blue - unexpected. JUST this past week. :(: Necropsy at the vets only showed a larger then normal "bloom" of protozoans . Very hard to diagnose... this may have shut her digestive system down, causing food to rot and poison her.

Left.Born Jan 1999 - Lil bit - now my oldest snake.(florida blue)

Born Summer 2003: large blue stripe female - very aggressive.

Born summer 2006: Big red (red sided)
and female Chicago. (species)

Born 2007 (may? june?) Lady Blue's babies. 2007-1 (was #2)-male 2007-2 (was # 6)-female 2007-3 (was #9) - undetermined

Exam recently showed pinworms in babies... treating everyone. But was not treating for what possibly killed LB above.

Also born and acquired summer of 2007: small female red side
and small male blue stripe.

On hold: 5 melistic babies (1 male, 4 female) from Scott F.

Thinking of getting: Ball python.

Spiders: :spider Still have all 17.

Though I haven't charted molts since last summer :duh
Not going to list all. Started with a rose hair feb of 2006. So 2 years now. range in size from .25" (darn thing will not GROW) to most likely 3.5-4". this is my large B Boehmei who is chicken. (runs into the hide everytime I move the cage) The second largest is my 3" smithi who was tentatively sexed as male.

I have 12 different species represented.

- Sharon

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