Wed Oct 3rd 
Well I discovered last night that my blog entries do not show up right away for some reason when I come here not logged in. I'm not sure why. I'll monitor and contact aplus if I have to.

Work today: solved one problem - found another. frustration continues with CFCMS.

Got to work at 8:25. I want to get to work at 8:00. now it's getting darker - will be harder to get up in the winter.

Today is dinner with the folks day - go every wed. :)

Had to vac my car out. yeah ok boring entry. :p

I did hear a nice teaching on Revelation on the way home though. It's on at 7:00 MT krks if your in Colorado. (94.7) I can't remember the name of the show though so I'm not sure where it would be elsewhere.

He was talking mostly about the statue in the dream Nebby saw. (no I'm not going to try to write out the full name... ) I didn't know the 10 clay toes could represent the 10 kingdoms in revelation b4.

He also explained how the prophets of the time wrote the first and second coming of Jesus as one event. Maybe I'll try to find more info and post it here later.... lots of the shows have ways to listen online.

As usual I forgot about this until the last second.


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