Specality store rant 
Maybe I should just start going Dear Diary. This is kinda what this is though I'd edit myself on somethings...

Today I spent most of the day at work on one thing.

I did not get to work early but I wasn't running in ether.
I DID go to the gym - and I talked to the guy there about their nutritan program.

I don't understand businesses. First the salon that did my facial now here. They all have products that are ONLY sold in salons or gyms ... facial wash in the case of the salon (30 bucks for a travel kit lasting 4 weeks that I bought to try about 2 weeks ago... I'm not using it twice a day though I'm going to make this last all of october if I can)

And for the gym? Supplements. And of course they are much better then anything bought in stores :hrm hmmm... I apparently don't have a roll eyes smiley Here is one from smiley xtra 4 that I got from firefox - wonder if it will work. :
--- hmmm.... ok I went back and edited. Clicking on the smiley produces [img] tags that don't work. Using the blog program I figured it out . Not sure if it's worth it. may just need to save and add the smilie.

Anyway - it irritates me and I could rant (:rant ) for quite awhile on this but don't want to.

I'll just say it would be a LOT more convincing if these products were sold in stores. OR if the person trying to sell them to me could give me something decent that IS sold in stores instead of pretty much saying everything sold in costco, king soopers, walmart etc is worthless.

Bah if the product is so great the company should get it out there.

It just makes me want to put on a tin hat. (which I need a smiley for...)

I'll look at the supplement site anyway... maybe check them out on the BBB and quackwatch now that I've found that page. HEY maybe I'll write the people there and ask about this stuff. Why is it that the best products for your skin, hair and body (external or internal) can only be sold for 4 or 5 x normal anything else that is similar and only through specialty stores/areas?

I set this up as a read only blog but there are links to my email on my home page which SHOULD be linked on here somewhere, if someone wants to tell me the answer to this question. Seriously. and without pushing a product.

Oh and you realize I'm being a bit sarcastic. I mean I want to know but... What I'm really saying is...

SELL IT AT A NORMAL STORE!!!!!!!! I'm more likely to buy it there.


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