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      • Oct 8th 2007
        10/8/07 (Monday)

        Hello. Iím typing this up in word to copy and paste later. I donít feel like typing directly to the blog right now. Itís hard to do this every day. Esp. since I seem to lately only want to talk about bad things. And wellÖ SatÖ well youíll see.

        I want to

      • Wed Oct 3rd
        Well I discovered last night that my blog entries do not show up right away for some reason when I come here not logged in. I'm not sure why. I'll monitor and contact aplus if I have to.

        Work today: solved one problem - found another. frustration continues with CFCMS.

      • Specality store rant
        Maybe I should just start going Dear Diary. This is kinda what this is though I'd edit myself on somethings...

        Today I spent most of the day at work on one thing.

        I did not get to work early but I wasn't running in ether.
        I DID go to the gym - and I talked t

      • Starting over
        Well here I am. I promised myself today I'd start over and try to write more oftin. And yet I almost forgot!

        Today was the first day of fiscal year end 2007. We are still struggling with the CFCMS conversion at work. I am totally swamped - yet there is no budget for overtime.
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