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      • June 3rd.
        Ok... I'm going to try to do this without a subject line... wanna bet it yells at me?

        I planted more stuff in my garden today. I uploaded pics but am not sure about putting them on here... they are currently in a thread on the rapture ready bbs ... here:

      • Friday.
        Well ... happy friday. :): I'm home... I'm tired... I have 30 min to clean up before the pet sitter shows up. Getting ready for a vacation later this month.

        Random thought of the day - women should not ware red and black in a combo where there is a red shirt/blouse with a bla

      • Smilies!
        well... Last night I went and saved a bunch of free smilies on my computer. Most I got off after I asked if I could use them on my webpage/blog. They said I could as long as I didn't hot link. Someone else pmed me a site with some others. Anyway... here is the test. Though appere

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